Friday, July 19, 2013

Planning ahead

So, in the summer, our so-called "vacation," many teachers are busy working on long term plans, which funnels into weekly plans, and finally narrows into our daily plans.  I think parenting can be similar.  Before even having kids, my husband and I tried to backwards map some ideas about life, like: How do we visualize our kids as adults?  What do we want them to act like?  How would we want them to treat people?  Treat nature?

So whatever our answers are, we try to celebrate those in the present.  For example, future goal 1: we want them to have an appreciation for animals.  Present: we talk to them about animals when we visit zoos or museums, we encounter little critters around the neighborhood, maybe we'll own a pet later on... 

Future Goal 2: we want them to be physically active and healthy.  Present: we encourage team sports.  If they don't enjoy it, we're gonna keep trying until we find something they'll be comfortable with and feel success at.  My husband has found a new love in coaching..  That's how we'll satisfy our 30-hours of parent participation every year! 

Future Goal 3: find and use the positive.  Present: we celebrate any new experiences and reflect.  "What was your favorite part of today?"

We realize that life may not turn out the way we plan, but at least our boys will be set up to enjoy their memories and hopefully make their mark in a way that will make us proud.  And when things do change, talking it through as a family helps.  Bury "boys will be boys."

P.S.   This is not a complete list of goals, nor ranked in any order, of course!  Always a work in progress...

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